Soul Rock

Région Grand-Est

Wildation est un groupe électrisant de trois amis d’enfance – Vincent, Etienne et Martin. Dans une esthétique de Soul rock, le trio évolue à travers des mélodies éclectiques aux mélanges sonores audacieux. Utopiques et sensiblement humains, les trois musiciens entonnent leur chant en faisant sonner tous leurs instruments dans une parfaite musicalité. Des messages griffonnés sur un carnet de route sont les clés de cette diversité musicale à l’échelle vraiment humaine. 

Depuis 2019, le groupe a créé une musique puissante et variée et a sorti son premier album intitulé « Polarity » en juin 2021. Le trio francophone veut que sa musique soit entendue et appréciée pour son contenu et son caractère unique. De même, l’essence du trio est de connecter l’humanité à ses racines, en répandant une réelle énergie positive à travers le monde. Avec une pleine expression de voix, de guitares, de basse, de clavier, de saxophone et de batterie dans leur musique, le groupe cherche à séduire les mélomanes originaux et authentiques.

Wildation a un style de musique qui se concentre à la fois sur une musique optimiste accompagnée d’une instrumentation habile. Créateurs dans l’âme, Vince, Bob & Bill sont des mélomanes passionnés qui désirent partager leur musicalité avec le monde. Là où il y a de la musique de qualité et une flambée d’énergie incontrôlable, il y a Wildation…


For childhood friends Vince, Etienne, and Martin – it would never have been enough to simply make more music in a world already filled to the brim with sound – they wanted to create unforgettable sonic experiences that everyone would remember and connect with on a much deeper level than mere audio entertainment.  In 2019, they humbly began to pursue this concept with their own music, as Wildation.  Fueled by unique ideas, true passion, and genuine purpose – their friendship morphed into a remarkably professional adventure, and a musical trio that played together as one like a force to be reckoned with.

Focused and determined to make their music be more than just something new to listen to, Wildation set forth to create songs that were built with a bulletproof combination of highly skillful instrumentation and meaningful messages that would continue to resonate long after any song finished playing.  Infusing their sound with guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, saxophone, and more – they released their first official record in 2020 – the First Seeds EP.  Encouraged by the response from listeners all around the world, the band continued to build on their career with a powerfully ambitious full-length record in 2021 – Polarity.

An album that not only revealed the band’s undeniable depth of talent in their musicianship and vocals, but also spoke volumes on behalf of their commitment to creating songs that would establish their own place in music’s history – Polarity revealed the real scope of inspired & astonishing authenticity shared between the three players in Wildation.  From their brilliantly expressive sound, to their soulful vocals & harmonies, the upbeat vibe, aura, and atmosphere surrounding them – Polarity not only catapulted the band into the music scene, and onto playlists worldwide – it was the debut record they really wanted to make.  Built entirely from their own uniqueness, sincerity, skills, and ideas – Polarity was full proof that Wildation had the chops to compete with the best of the best & that they were capable of transmitting purely positive energy from continent to continent as their first album spread quickly around the globe.

As innovative and refreshing as music can be, Wildation has thrilled their audience from the studio to the stage from the moment they started – and over the past two years as they’ve solidified the fan-base, they’ve taken over speakers and screens all over the world with their videos & online streaming as well.  From songs featured in the Polarity lineup like “Another Day,” “Devil Chase,” “Next,” and “Wildnation” all getting the visual treatment as singles with official videos supporting the music on YouTube, to the band’s most exploratory venture to-date as they roamed the planet for The Wild Tour and play different songs from their catalog in stunningly unique settings – Wildation is thriving from coast to coast with a compelling sound of their own design that offers something significantly different from everything else.

As Vince, Etienne, and Martin make their way into the next exciting chapter of their career, listeners and viewers can fully expect the band to keep breaking major ground with every move they make.  Through their captivating vocals and grippingly evocative music, the fiery passion of this trio burns brighter than ever, and illuminates the path forward into a future where they connect us all together with the spirited sound of songs that make a profound impact on everyone tuning into what Wildation comes up with next.  They put their hearts and souls into every note they play, and sharing it all with YOU makes every moment worth the effort.  As they continue to surge forward into their prime & create new material for the next album ahead, rest assured, Wildation is entirely ready to rock the planet with irresistible sound.